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The U17-3 is ultra maneurverable with great and efficient performance features that allow for a wide range of tasks to be done in close quarters. When you have a tough job in tight space, look no further than the U17-3. The U17-3 delivers the power and control you need.


The U17-3 is fitted with the KUBOTA D902-E3-BH1, a 17HP Diesel engine that delivers great power and reliability. It unique design and layout makes the U17-3 a very silent excavator and produces very low noise with great fuel efficiency.


The U17-3 also adopts the new H.M.S Hydraulic System which is using three independent pumps for boom, arm and swivel to make the co-operation of bucket, boom and swivel smooth and efficient. It mounts high capacity control valve and hydraulic variable pumps to realise superb shoveling and loading performance.






Kubota Engine

The U17-3 is fitted with the KUBOTA D902-E3-BH1, a 17HP Diesel engine that delivers superior horsepower and performance. The engine produce very little noise and vibration which reduce operator's fatigue. More importantly, the engine is extremely fuel efficient.


Digital Panel

Kubota's digital panel accurately displays timely diagnostic readings and routine maintenance alerts. The operator will be kept informed of the current working conditions, engine RPM, temperature and oil levels.




H.M.S Hydraulic System

Strong Bucket Breakout Force: The power needed for heavy loads and tough excavating jobs.

Straight Travel: Kubota's hydraulic matching system keeps the excavator traveling in a straight line while operating the boom. This allow for greater efficiency for loading and unloading operations.

Four Simultaneous Operation: Bucket, boom, arm and swing can be operated simultaneously and smoothly.


Auxiliary Hydraulic System

Auxiliary Hydraulic System accommodates a variety of attachments, such as breakers and augers.


Pedal-Operated Boom Swing

The pedal lets you easily operate the boom swing.


Deluxe Seat

The U17-3's deluxe seat increases productivity by providing great comfort for operators.


Multi Pattern Lever

4 Pattern operation let you make easy adjustments for different type of operating patterns.


12V Electric Power Socket


Boom Cylinder

Located above the boom, the boom cylinder remains safe from damage during breaker or dumping operations


Working Performance

The U17's excellent reach and digging depth ensures that each digging job is performed with maximim efficieny and speed.

Max. Bucket Breakout Force : 15.2kN (1,550kgf)

Max. Digging Depth: 2,310mm

Max. Digging Radius: 3,900mm

Max. Vertical Digging Depth: 1,910mm


Double-Flanged Track Roller and Short-Pitched Rubber Crawler

The U17 features double-flanged track rollers and short pitched rubber crawlers for improved under carriage durability.


Variable Track Width

The U17-3 features a hydraulic track gauge that can be adjusted between 990mm to 1,240mm. With the touch of a single lever, the track gauge can be reduced to navigate between narrow spaces or increase to improve functionality.


Adjustable Blade Width

Changing the blade width can be done easily by removing a pin by hand.




ROPS / FOPS Canopy

The ROPS and the FOPs canopy (supplied with seat belt) provide complete protection from accidental rollovers and falling objects thus ensuring a high level of safety for the operator.




Auto Glow Control

Engine start-up time is reduced with the auto-glow that is engaged when the key is turned to the right.


Seat Slide & Retractable Seat Belt




Engine Neutral Start

The engine can be started only when the safety lever is set at the locking position.


Engine Start Safety System

The safety lever when set to the "Locking Position will prevent the excavator from moving thus preventing accidents.




Wide-Opening Bonnet

Wide-opening covers provide easy access to the engine oil gauge, coolant reserve tank and dual element air cleaner. This allow for easy access to the regular maintenance components.


Handy Toolbox

The U17-3 comes complete with a toolbox located under the operator's seat.


Two-Piece Doze Hose

The two-piece hose connections for the doze allow for easier replacement of the hoses thus reducing downtime.


Protected Motor Hoses

All the travel motor hoses within the track frame are enclosed for increased durability.



Model U17-3
Bucket Capacity   m3 0.04
Std. bucket width: (with / without cutting edge) mm 450/400
Operating weight   kg 1,650
Dimensions (In transport condition) Overall length mm 3,545
  Overall height mm 2,340
  Overall width mm 990/1,240
  Min-ground clearance mm 150
Engine Model   Kubota D902-E3-BH1
  Total displacement L (ml) 0.898(898)
  Output  kW (HP)/rpm 11.8(16)/2,300
Working range Max. digging height mm 3,540
  Max. dumping height mm 2,440
  Max. digging depth mm 2,310
  Max. vertical digging depth mm 1,910
  Max. digging radius mm 3,900
  Boom swing angle (Left/Right) degree 65/58
  Min. turning radius (W/o swing/With swing) mm 1,440/1,210
  Min. tail turning radius mm 620
Hydraulic System Pump Capacity mm 17.3x2/10.4x1
  Auxiliary hydraulic flow L/min 27.7
  Max. bucket breakout force L/min 15.2(1,550)
Track type     Steel
Shoe width   mm 230
Travel section Crawler length mm 1,585
  Tumbler distance mm 1,230
  Truck gauge mm 1,010/760
  Travel speed (Low/High) km/h 2.1/4.1
  Gradeability degree 30°
Swing speed   rpm 9.1
Blade Width mm 1,240/990
  Height mm 265
  Max. lift above ground/drop below ground mm 280/190
Hydraulic pump type     2+1 Gear
Swivel motor type     Orbit motor
Travel motor type     Piston motor: 2F
Fuel tank capacity   L (ml) 19
Hydraulic oil (reservoir/system)   L (ml) 13/21





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